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GUEST BLOG: Extortion by a Birthmother

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By LisaS - Posted on 28 April 2009

Dear [Adoptive father] and [Adoptive mother]:

“Hope you all have a nice Christmas! How was your cruise? Hope [Child] is doing good, I think of him quite often. I tried calling you to ask for a recent picture of [Child] & see how he is doing, but your phone was disconnected. I assume it’s because you all don’t want me to bother you since you have the baby now. It is like when I was pregnant you would have done anything for me, now that you have the baby it is like I don’t exist anymore. I have a lot of unpaid medical bills for the nine months I was pregnant that Medicaid didn’t pay. My car engine went out. I couldn’t even afford Christmas for [Birthmothers daughter]. This will be the last time I will ask you for anything or even bother you.

I need $2,000 for my unpaid medical bills and fix my car. So the total that you all will have paid me is $4,500, that’s not much for a baby is it?? Do you have any idea what I went through in 9 months, sick every day, had surgery had all kinds of special tests.

I seen the father of the baby the other day, he is in town for Christmas. So if you don’t want to send me the $2000, I will tell him about the baby and I’m sure he will come for his son. This is not a threat but a promise. I’m only looking out for my daughter [Birthmothers daughter], she needs a ride for appts. Which is hard to do without a car. There’s couples I had talked to that was willing to pay me $10,000 for a baby, but I chose you guys. I feel $4,500 is cheap for a baby when you can’t have one yourself. If I don’t receive the $2,000 by Jan 10, 2002, I will contact the father and this is his first, so I know he’ll fight for [Child].





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I want to be angry about this letter. I am too sad. This breaks my heart. 



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Adoption Agency:  We never knew of a birth father named dave within the 120 days of the birth. We just knew of an extortion letter that came to our knowledge 150 days after the birth. We told you this 18 months ago that the adoption attorney hoarded it.

N.J. DHS : Okay, we believe you. Just checking, dave still thinks that you certainly had known of his being the BF.

OBSERVER: Why did not the DHS confirm the AD AG story and with the AD Attorney....... And when did the NJ DHS acquire this letter: Either now or 18 months ago?


Adoption Attorney:  This dave guy is making trouble for me at the Office of Attorney Ethics. I need you to write on paper that I read the letter to you over the phone before 120 days. This thing is making me look bad.

AD AG: But we already told the DHS a long time ago that the letter came to our attention after 120 days. We cannot do what you ask!

AD ATT: Too bad, so sad; I can help you legally by saying that I kept it to myself, but that'll  make me look like a stealer of infants now wouldn't it?  Send me the damn signed paper asap!


OBSERVER: Why would the AD AG chance writing this contradiction of what was already told to the DHS?


NJ DHS: This dave guy sent us your adoption agency name signed to this affidavit. You lied to us. And now we look bad. We did not even confirm your story with the AD ATTT. Oh boy, because of our negligence, or feriendship, which by the way is over, we've got to now make it look like you lied on that paper. .... Give a person an inch and they will take a mile, what were you thinking?

AD AG: Well, we have never been caught before.

NJ DHS: Well, you have now! Anyway, for now we will let your lying affadavit be the truth for the AD ATT to show the OAE. When things settle down we will make you confess that you lied on that paper affadavit to benifit the AD ATT.  Any way you look at it your agency is going to be history.

AD AG: Oh well, it's better than going to jail.


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As you might guess, I am the birh father. Two years later the birth mother told me that she planned the adoption because of my medical condition. Little did she know that I had recieved this letter from ongoing administrative attorney ethics law hearings[OAE]. And as for the DHS of Jersey, they were privy [Children of the World 'COW' investigation] to this letter's information 18 months before they told me about it. Supposedly the attorney, "read the letter over the phone," to COW's executive director within 3 months of the birth of the child.

In Jersey, non-caring officials seem to line up like ducks when it comes to finding out the truth! Does anybody know of a hot-shot law student? This is true case-study for the ages.

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This entry is in response to a person who wishes to remain anonymous:

To [Anonymous]

Thank you for your words, all straight, direct and true. The fact of the
matter is that nothing changed in [birth mother]. I pathetically went into a situation
blindly thinking our relationship could make a go. We were two people who
should never of had a child. She knew this as well, but knew that adoption
was out of the question. At first, I was scared. However, eventually, as
life goes on, my view of a situation with a boy in my life [Ultra sound, the
first picture I ever seen of him] seemed wonderful. The ruse that tricked me
was milestones of treachery beyond the letter. Yet, the birth mother
thought of having an abortion. She was going to leave me and I'm sure did
not want her [abandoned] son with me in the same town. So rather than an
abortion, she opted for a long-term Identified Adoption; choosing a corrupt
adoption agency and equally corrupt adoption attorney. These people were
more than willing to clean-up her post adoption greedy mistakes that should
have disrupted the placement. The placement was known to be a fraud
within days of the birth! The letter, sent two months later was a thorn in the attorney's side.
Once I pressed the legal issue, he grudgingly back stepped until protected by state law. The adoption agency however, was not protected by state law. The attorney tried to help
the agency but, in order to save face he forced the agency's executive director to lie for him.
This is proven [stated] with state issued documents. Of course, these documents did
not come out until the DHS had already pushed me out of the way. [I was not
able to speak to an Administrative Law Judge by the name of Carol Cohen.] It
should make you feel better that the daughter of the birth mother is with
her aunt, and doing well in school. It is not my place at this point in time
to see her. Maybe one day, I can, or she can introduce me to my son. When
its all said and done, it should be that the two innocent people of this
situation meet. Thanks [Anonymous]. P.S. People should know about these industry
agencies and attorney's. I ask that you might reconsider and post our
conversation, I would appreciate it immensely.

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My heart goes out for this Father! what a horrible situation, I was under the impression no adoption could take place without the acknowledgement of BOTH parents, or if a unknown father came forward without being legaly notified to either give consent or be terminated on that an adoption would be considered Void.

As an adoptive parent myself, this discusses me that something like this could happen to this Father. I myself believe its for the child's best interest to have an open adoption, not only do we have the communication with the Bio parents, their background History, but our Children can always have that connection and will never feel lost or wounder where they came from.

I pray that there is some legal issue this Father can sue for, either for impunitive damages, violation of his parental rights or something, somebody and definately the Mom should be held accountable.. (last time I looked, selling a baby was illegal, and she admitted to that in her letter).

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An Unknown Father

On 10-20-01 child is born
On 10-2?-01 attorney knows it is a fraud
On 12-2?-01 attorney gets copy of extortion letter [now twice recognized as fraud] from adoptive parents.
Did attorney previosly tell AD parents of his info? This is not a issue where an attorney is looking out for prosperous deals.
On 2-20-02 Time expires for father rights to amend birt certificate.
8-15-02 Adoption is finalized.
Late 12-02 Father finds out the truth. Decides not to fight for custody by means of a disloution.

Although he is the father, he has never been ajudicated as the father. Therefore he is just someone who claims such. He cannot sue without this decree, or if he were to try it would be a futile attempt.

Disturbingly, it is through the father's actions that Children of the World is now out of business. Yet the state of New Jersey does not recognize the father as anyone other than a "Crimes-Stopper Tipster". By doing this, the state has quelled the father's voice from exposing the state DHS office's contributions to an unwanted but neccessary conspiracy.

This case is so clear and obvious it is disgusting that the state will not acknowledge. But I am only one person with little resources except the this country's constitution. But alas, they do not even recognize that!

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David I have noticed that you talk about yourself in third person a lot. I get the feeling you are doing this to protect yourself from the emotions of the situation you are describing. 

I believe that your book has a lot detail, documentation on the different legal events. Odyssey of an Unknown Father: The Complete Book on Wrongful Adoption

Changing the subject slightly... I was searching for more information on your case and came across an old 2006 CNN story;


The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most. - Unknown

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An Unknown

I am just trying to clarify the stuation, I think. And if I'm not mistaken, I have mentioned the A.P. and CNN story on this site. EDIT = I have just read the CNN story, the reporter mistakenly wrote that we lived together. That was not the case. This mistake was corrected by local newspapers, but the A.P. did not retract even though I asked them to have Andrea Anderson to do so.

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An Unknown Father

Because so many unknown fathers want to stay unknown the media leans bias against them as whole. My goal to change this way of thinking. That said, If it sounds "cry wolfish," I don't care.

If one takes takes the fact that I was never asked by the A.P. reporter if the birth mother and I lived together, it reveals a media bias. This simple over sight and printed falsehood if one thinks about it, can imply a lot of things.

Secondly, I gave this story to the A.P. This reporter asked about two questions with a promise of an interview so I could tell her other facts. That was the last I heard of her. In the complete CNN story [this one is not complete] the reporter tracked down the birth mother for a complete interview.

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You mentioned the CNN story which is why I tried to find it. CNN (or maybe AP) doesn't keep old stories up. So I had to use the "way back machine" ( to find it. The "way back machine" is an archive of the internet.  

Have you read this story before? I just ran across it.


The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most. - Unknown

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An Unknown Father

There were two articles realeased. One on Feb. 5 and one on Feb. 11.

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The face of adoption is a smile, a smiles warmth that extends out to the far reaching. A child is the bonding agent of humanity. It is the children that link us all together. Without their impact of uniqueness, we would homogenize ourselves out of existence.

In ironic contrast, our random bloodline took thousands of years in the procreation process. Subsequently, this glue has become the flesh and blood of Einstein’s all-applicable theory of time and space, _ a continuum. The meaning? __ Everything is relative unto itself. That said, each child born is a radiated bit of energy contributed to that continuum. Our guttural instincts for the need to procreate can only be satiated by having children. This is not in any way related to the act of sex. Intercourse by two people can occur at any time; unlike the animal kingdom. Is this an anomaly? No, this is the way the Supreme Being has set the continuum table.

Due to many reasons, some people cannot have children. This is where the face of adoption attempts to alleviate the pain caused by natural angst. With a stake of one person, me, I believe in the act of adoption. Yet, there are boundaries and limitations…

There is also a bible proverb that states, “You shall reap what you sow.” A relativity maybe? Is this an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand and so on, an so forth? For the most part, I believe this to be true.

My person would not agree to this standard at a later time…, relativity would not have anything to do as to why.

If it weren’t for the non-activity of a greedy attorney my family and son would have somehow managed to survive the complications my situation presented. However, this attorney coerced a facilitator of adoption to supersede her limitations. These two people had taken it upon themselves to play God. It was for five years that I wished the very worst for these people. In order to voice my opinion, I tried to make contact with the director in early 2004, she never returned my call.

Last year while engaged in heated exchange between a Department of Human Services original enforcement agent, I learned that the executive director’s life turned tragic, she lost her son.

Through the internet I learned that in 2004 her son had lost his life in the Iraq War.

Two tours of duty, a war hero.

It was not my wish to have this happen. Yet, I still despise what she has done.

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Who is behind this mess? You would not think of such, but the answer is not the birth mother! Her extortion attempt was so clarifying, her obstetrician's notation so convicting, the DHS investigation so lax that she should have been exposed faster than a three dollar bill!

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The Kendall Park, New Jersey, “Jersey Rules” Attorney Sklar and the Counter Clockwise Conspiracy

Adoption Fraud Uncovered

These forthcoming, proven and now told past chain of events would’ve never surfaced if not for the workings of Veronica Serio; a suddenly unemployed social worker, whose subsequent school district hire now lauds her as “college professor” of sociology. Three years ago is when she held an executive director's position at a nationally known adoption agency that went by the name of “Children of the World.”

Nevertheless, it was by means of “unique,” methods of discovery that found the practicing of fraud that was running amok at that institution, a conspiracy which, even as I write today, still boggles the mind as to the wondering of how this Verona, New Jersey sociologist with 35-years tenure, now teaches her psyche-scarring crafts at a community college in Brookdale, New Jersey.

“Huh, how did this 360 degree turnaround come to be?” - you say. In answer, her demise was simply a matter of cross-referencing Open Public Records! Yes, that part was easy. The incredible part was her ability to get a teaching job!

Wait! This true tale has yet twists and even more wholesale stupidity in offer.

Therein, and - in as much, the fault in this adoption story lay within an adoption attorney’s vanity, a vanity that when triggered by default, crumbled the career and a long time shared friendship between this attorney and of the above-mentioned Mrs. Serio,- NOW “educator of our children.”

Moreover, at that time it was also by this woman’s causing that nervous friends at the local Department of Human Services [DHS] Office of Licensing possessed reason too, to turn black of heart; instantly failing to avail their name recognizable as helpful with her suddenly found despertad. Seeing this dilemma unfold itself, and upon then seeing the attorney’s, has now caused this DHS to go back and re-stitch time… 

Page 2... How does one go back in time to change an event?

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In the beginning this case was so easy anybody could have prosecuted it to a conviction. [In an administrative law capacity.] It was simple in question,- did an important documented, yet dateless phone call between Sklar and Serio occurr before or after a 120 day time period ended?

These events were initiated by my person:

1. After an eighteen month investigation, Serio tells the DHS that the phone call came after the 120 day time period. [It is my belief that Serio reveals this statement within the first month of the investigation. Proof will show later when I prove that the "no findings" investigation was closed within a month after is started. It should have been 15 working days after this closure that I should have been informed by mail.]

2. After these eighteen months and a week, by my forcible OAE inquiry, Sklar tells the OAE that the phone call was initiated by his person before the 120 day time period.

3. Sklar asks Serio to present the OAE with a signed affidavit stating his version true. [Point to remember: These dated, written words should have carried more clout than someone’s spoken memory.]

4. Serio complies with Sklar’s request. [Why would she do such a self-incriminating thing?]

5. Serio’s statements in #1 are now rendered to lies.

6. By my own inquiry, I demand that the DHS investigate this contradiction. The DHS find Serio in violation of failing to inform a known birth father. [Point to remember: This means she was caught in a lie. A lie that the DHS should have easily been caught 18 MONTHS PAST upon a cross-examination of Steven I. Sklar.]

This we now know; opposite from what she revealed in the [first month of] said previous Department of Human Services [DHS] investigative interview, Sero’s new sworn Office of Attorney Ethics [OAE] affidavit statement had now claimed of a pre-120 day memory recollection of an informing phone call from Sklar concerning the birth mother’s revealing extortion letter.

This meant that Serio’s abandonment of her documented statement firstly given to DHS Enforcement Agents, Karen Moyer and Anna Montes is now fully recognized as a lie by the DHS. [18 m. ltr.]

Now then, by common sense alone this demonstrates that there is an outside controlling force for her written words. This in turn, points to coercion in a most pronounced conspiratorial context! Why would Serio willingly put her career on the chopping blocks. Did she think that I would not see or report this discrepency, which bye the bye should have immeadiately gained the attention of Karen [Shapiro] Moyer and Anna Montes, - DHS Enforcement Agents!

That withstanding and through all of this, Sklar further states to the OAE that even if he hadn’t informed Serio of anything, it would sit perfectly within his legal right to represent his case and clients in such manner.

If Sklar would have taken this silent role route, Serio, by means of his choice to refrain from disclosing his held birth father information to her, would’ve by itself been a move that cleared her and Children of the World of any wrong doing.

However, Sklar would not stay silent. Why not?

Vanity! Such silence, if leaked to the public would have shown his true colors toward birth father rights. This stigma, he simply could not or would not endure.

He told them nothing, because they had not asked him questions that would have exposed their friend Veronica, otherwise affectionately known as “Ronny!” [This means that within the first month of the eighteen supposed months of the DHS investigation,Sklar now knew that the DHS was itself holding back from finding out the truth.

Knowing this, for the first eighteen months Sklar initially allowed Serio to keep on with her original "before 120 days ended recieving of a phone call" story as long as it did not interfere with his vanity.

Yet my telling of what happened still does not explain why Serio gave him her self-incriminating affidavit. The reality of this legal conundrum is because revealed was that she had no other choice.

What I tell you now is the only speculation on my part in this story, everything else is Open Public Records accessible.

Mr. Steven I. Sklar is not a dummy. He knows the importance of keeping records. It is my belief that he has registered mail reciepts of the Birth Mother extortion letter [copy] delivery to Veronica Serio, being dated well before the 120 days time period ended. [He must have told Serio, "You will do this or I will expose you criminally."

Yet, by my doing, Sklar is now stuck knee deep in a phone call story, not to mention a medical records discrepency, and a direct accusation from me as to being a liar of the worst possible kind. To refuse the advise of a highly respectable doctor's truth's discovery. - Dr. Barbara Liegh Val-Spinosa; who now lives in New Mexico.

Niether had Sklar offered any truths he uncovered..

So, as it stands the DHS only acts on Serio’s lies at my insistence because I have forced such action by means of Sklar’s triggered vanity, which, thru said pressure by me revealed the DHS negligence in its own right as well.

The reason why the DHS never pressed for any of the truth from Serio is because they thought that I would go away. [This is the reason for a prolonged, simulation of investigation.]

The real scoop: - If you put these three factions in the same room they cannot claim jurisdictional sactuary. [There would be a three dog fight!]

Tommorrow: The DHS to Steven I. Sklar specutively, "If you help us, we will help you. And as for YOU Veronica Serio, tell your boss Margaret Morrisey that Corporate suicide is the only non-embarrassing way out."


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The above letter demonstrates what people will do for money. I read a blog today about a Utah couple that showed their tenacity in following through on a planned adoption.

What is not shown is the road traveled by Black Market babies, and how they flow into the American Dream.

I cannot say anything bad about this coulple. However, it is much likeley that a sincere ignorance paved the way to the adoption of their Haitian childrem. It is sincere ignorance that allows armed, gun-toting Haitian thugs maraudering the countryside to find a replacement trio of silblings. Once cut off from their parents they too, are destined for offered sale in the form of a barcode in the sterile white rooms of an adoption agency. I feel the need to say these things in order to offeset other people from unknowingly showing their support these human sales. To adopt in third world countries leaves little control of how a situation comes to be.

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The above situation is likened to the diamond trade during WWII.

Fact: DIamond dust is a very important need in order for a country to wage war. Same as ball-bearings, which allow wheels friction-free center-spin on axle, diamond dust embeded blades cut thru steel as if butter.

Fact: America lost 7 aircraft to 1 as acceptable sacrifice in order to destroy Germany's Third Riecht ball-bearing factories. [Most U.S. planes, being bombers contained up to eleven crew members.]

My point...

South Africa, a suppossed ally, despite pleas and or orders to cease production, countinued to mine for diamonds. [America had enough stockpiled for its steel cutting needs, Germany did not.]

The strategy here is simple; no mining for diamonds equals no diamonds for the Black Market to convieniately smuggle out to the Father Land. [Something smells of fish... does it not? Many war criminals vacated to Cape Town, South Africa.]

Just same as marauding parent-killing baby thieves, there is nothing worse than a Sun City, Pro-Aparthied, Hitler-loving Afrikaner Nazi!