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Special Needs Children; Searching for the Answers

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By Riva Rose - Posted on 10 December 2011

I just got back from a weeklong trip to Boston Children’s Hospital with my DD. This trip actually began 10 years ago when my daughter first came home from the Republic of Georgia.

My daughter was in a baby orphanage the first 8 months of her life. She was then moved to a foster family. We went to Georgia to adopt our baby at the age of 13 months. At that time she scooted on the floor, did not speak, but made funny noises in her throat that sounded like da-da-da-da in a musical rhythm. She could stand if she held on to something. While standing she’d move from side to side, repeating that sound, swaying her head. 

We didn’t have a clue what any of this meant; we just thought it was cute. We had no idea where we were all headed.

When you adopt from a foreign Country you rarely get the whole story. We had no history of the birth mother, and knew nothing of the birth father. What little information we did receive was very confusing. We didn’t know if the birth mother smoked or drank, if she had a normal gestation period, what occurred during the birth. Was it normal, did they have problems? We were told that when the baby was born she had some type of virus, spent time in a baby hospital, recovered and was sent to the baby orphanage. According to our adoption agency, this was nothing to be concerned about.

Once she was home, time moved on and we began to notice various things. She was behind in language, walking, doing average things a child of her age should do. We had her tested by our County’s Childhood Development department. They tested her and found out she needed help in various areas of development. They sent therapists to our house twice a week to work with her.

We fell in love with our daughter and knew we would do what ever it took to help her. We didn’t know what type of road we were on. We had no map, no magic potion, and no doctor who could put together a diagnosis. Like most parents, we had to take this one step at a time. I was not going to rest until I found the answers; and we are still on that journey. I will share more in later blogs.

Image Credit: Alexandra McNichols (all rights reserved)