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Guest Blog: "Afrocentric Hair Care - Yummy OYIN Products" by OpenAdoptionMom

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By GuestBlogger - Posted on 12 February 2008

OpenAdoptionMom is currently a full time mom by way of three open independent (non agency) adoptions. Each of her children have various levels of contact with their birth families. Change with the level of that openness is always under way as birth parents have married, welcomed other children they parent, or elected to drop out of touch.

Oh today I did get a real treat!

My order of Oyin products arrived in the mail for my son Carson’s hair. Though we have been using them for awhile I never tire of the great scents and decadent treatments that the Mixtress Jamyla hand prepares for her loyal customers. Woo Wee! You would think the stuff was for my head and not his!

Oyin is in this mom’s opinion, some wonderful all natural hair and skin care, to nourish beautiful afro-locks and smell yummy while doing it. While I keep Carson’s hair what I call, ‘just past a twist’ ( not a buzz, but not a mini fro) I also know that his locks still desperately need to get moisture and conditioning every day, or else.

This shipment was a sweet sampler product pack of Whipped Pudding, Shine & Define, Greg Juice leave in spray, and Honey and Hemp Conditioner. The mixtress even threw in a delicious sample of the Burnt Sugar Hair Pomade, and two sweet little honey candies for me, just in case the good smell from the hair products made me hungry (which they did!)

My personal fave has always been the Whipped Pudding. This shea based, whipped cream smells like a cupcake, goes on even dry hair smooth and non-greasy. I put a dollup in my palm, rub them together to heat it up and liquify, and then rub onto Carson’s little head. This formula is even good for skin, and can be used to treat ashy elbows and knees.

One of the most interesting journeys for me as a white adoptive mom of a black son, has been my learning process about caring for his hair. To begin with I knew nothing, but I had the desire to keep looking to find the best products, and make his hair a proud little crown for his head. I always want him to feel confident about his hair, and know that it is as unique and beautiful as he is.

I have learned that many of the main stream black hair care items, those available most readily in local stores, just do not always do what is needed for all hair types. Traditionally many African Americans make their own, homemade products, and a few have become better known, and marketed to the larger Black community. Finding this niche in the hair care world has been really exciting for me, and discovering Oyin products is a little secret that I now want to share with other transracial adoptive moms.

Go by the Oyin site and try out a few things yourself. Mixtress Jamyla will send you something sweet too!


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I've been experimenting with several products on my two year old daughter, including Blended Beauty and Carol's Daughter (which I do like and need to use up before I try anything else). It's sad that I spend so much more time and money on my daughters' hair than my own! But, I would love to hear why you chose Oyin products over others. It doesn't seem like a cost difference, so how does it perform better than others you've tried?


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I also use Carol's Daughter products, and love the stuff! I especially love their whole Tui line, and their shampoo is the best.

I love Oyin because it moisturizes extrememly well, and it smells like a trip to the bakery or something. Now the smell is not over powering  in my opinion, but I am someone who really goes for the good scents as part of the package.

I also like that the products condition, but they do not leave his hair feeling greasy or goopy. When he was an infant, and before I knew better, I had someone tell me to use mineral oil base products, but those left his hair all crunchy underneath, and greasy on top. The natural oil products like Oyin & Carol's Daughter seem to just absorb into his hair, and really give it a drink. Results are his head is soft, no oil slicks on his clothing or the furnature and pillows. 

They have sample size packs that make trying everything easy.

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I'll try the sample packs when my supply dwindles down again. Thanks for the tip.

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We have three AA children. Two girls (pre-school and grade school age), and our baby boy (just over a year). I've primarily been using Farouk's product called 'Biosilk', silk therapy...which I've loved since dealing with DD's hair six years ago. I'm like you in that the smell has to be very good before I'll even consider purchasing it; and frankly, a lot of AA hair care stuff isn't too good in the aroma category, IMO. Biosilk is very pricey though, and having three children now, makes for some pretty high hair care! (29.00 for 12oz)

Sooo, having one DD who's hair is very thick, and another who's hair is very thin and sparse, along with the baby's hair that's somewhere in the middle (cut shorter, but not shaved)....which product would you most recommend? I've checked out the site and think it might be something we'd like too---but would appreciate your opinion on what 1 or 2 products are best for everyday care.

Thanks ahead of time....



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I love the Oyin products, and have lately been mixing them with another wonderful site that was recently recommended. It was created for their little girl and the products are natural, non-toxic, non-synthetic, they use only essential oils, no dyes, and hair loving oils, butters and natural emulsifiers etc. Many of the products are also for the body! I love, LOVE the "fresh cream" leave in intense conditioner, and also the mocha bean pom (one of their non-petroleum based pomades) for me and yes!!my girls! They do not have a huge line yet, spoke with them,(very gracious), and they said that they are slowly and carefully creating each new product, so we will continue to see the line grow. Next I'm ordering the "sweet cream blended butter". Has anyone else tried it yet? Let me know what you thought! Mrashi