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Trauma Thursday: Unnecessary Enemas as Part of Sexual Abuse

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By faitha - Posted on 01 July 2010

Traumatized Adopted Child (c) JulieC

One form of sexual abuse that is common but gets little attention is giving children unnecessary enemas. This form of sexual abuse appears to be more common with female abusers based upon the stories I have read from fellow child abuse survivors. I wrote about this topic on my personal blog here.

In fact, I first learned about the prevalence of child abuse through enemas, tubes, etc. through a message board for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse. This was not a form of abuse that I suffered, which put me in the minority among those sharing their mother-daughter sexual abuse stories on this particular message board. This form of sexual abuse was a common theme for most of the women frequenting this support board. Here is an article about one child abuser being tried for inflicting this form of abuse .

Why do child abusers give children unnecessary enemas? I have absolutely no idea. This is one of those sick abuses that simply makes no sense. I don’t understand what form of “pleasure” this gives the abuser, and it is certainly harmful to the child. Nevertheless, too many child abuse survivors have shared their stories with me about this form of abuse for me to doubt that it happens much more frequently than most people realize.

If you are parenting a foster or adopted child who suffered from sexual abuse (particularly from a female abuser), this form of abuse might have also occurred. You, as the foster or adoptive parent, need to be aware that this form of abuse exists so you understand the child’s reaction if you ever need to give the child an enema for medical reasons. Suffering from this form of abuse could also cause the child to be triggered whenever you or a doctor need to touch the child’s private areas for valid medical reasons.

If you suspect that your foster or adopted child suffered from being given unnecessary enemas, talk with your child’s therapist about your concerns. This is yet another area that your child will need to heal.

Photo credit: JulieC