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Mother of Pearl... $12.50 for 5 to 25 Words

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By AngelaW - Posted on 20 June 2008

Boycott APBloggers Boycott AP over the AP's stupidity and their attempt to enforce their own vision of "fair use". If a blogger quotes more then 4 words from an AP story, they want money. If you quote 5 to 25 words they want $12.50.

The AP sent DMCA take down notices recently to Rogers Cadenhead. They were sent because more then 5 words were quoted from an AP news story.. and these words were posted on Rogers web site. Yesterday Rogers spent quality time with the AP attorneys to discuss EXACTLY what quotes/words they had a problem with. And now AP considers the matter "closed".

I don't think the AP understands just how much they pissed off the blogosphere. I bet there are some bloggers wanting to be sued because this would be an easy case to win. And maybe they could get a book or movie deal from it. (grin) Rogers points out:

When it appeared that I might end up in court on this issue, I got offers of help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen and the Stanford Fair Use Project. My attorney Wade Duchene and I were already working up the victory speech to deliver on the steps of the Supreme Court in the landmark First Amendment decision AP v. Me (Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter, Kennedy, Lessig, Tribe and Clinton concurring).

 There are bloggers trying to figure out how much AP owns them (based on the AP's bizzare word/cost plan). Michelle Malkin figures they owe her $132,125. Michael Arrington has decided they owe him $12.50. 

But Michael Arrington took it a step further. He told his lawyers (notice the plural use) to send the AP a DMCA take down letter because they quote 22 words without his permission. And the AP will also receive a demand letter for $12.50. He decided to rub the AP's nose in their stupidity and see if they like the smell.


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