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Biblical Adoption Baby Names: Hannah

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By faitha - Posted on 30 May 2008

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Hannah … its meaning is "favored grace" – Think Baby Names

The baby name Hannah is a popular baby name, and I wonder how much this ties into the increase in number of people who struggle with infertility.

Hannah was a woman in the Bible who struggled with infertility herself. Her husband had two wives. He was able to have multiple children with the other wife, but Hannah remained barren for years. She poured her heart out to God, and God blessed her with Samuel. In gratitude, she dedicated Samuel to God’s service, and Samuel grew into the prophet who anointed both King Saul and King David, Israel’s first two kings. See I Samuel I for details about Hannah’s life.

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According to US Social Security, the 9th most popular name for girls in 2007 was Hannah.



"Experts also may be surprised by the extent to which American parents are naming their daughters after spiritual and philosophical concepts.  One of the most popular names for girls (rising this year to number 31) is Nevaeh, which is “Heaven” spelled backwards.  The variant Neveah came in this year at number 891 and Heaven is number 263.  Also represented were:  Destiny (No. 41); Trinity (No. 72); Serenity (No. 126); Harmony (No. 315); Miracle (No. 461); Charity (No. 673); Journey (No. 692); Destini (No. 914); and Essence (No. 930).?


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