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How To Tuesday: How to Write an Adoption Intent Letter

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By JuliaFuller - Posted on 30 November 2010

If you are planning on adopting a child who is already living in your home, than you must write an intent to adopt letter. The letter needs to be addressed to the assigned adoption worker. You should also submit a copy of the intent to adopt to the Guardian ad litem (GAL) for a foster child. If you are dealing with more than one agency, it may be prudent to submit the letter to all of the agencies involved. Below is an example of a letter. Your letter may have different specifics so please make adjustments as necessary for your adoptive situation.

Current date


Your mailing address

Your City, State, and Zip code


Your Adoption or State Agency

Assigned Adoption Worker

Agency mailing address

Agency City, State, and Zip code


Dear Assigned Adoption Worker,

I, Your Name, am interested in adopting child’s first and last name. This child has been an integral part of my family since date child was placed in your home. I deeply love this child and his/her well-being is my highest priority. The child’s name has thrived in my care and desires to stay here with me.

I fully understand that by adopting child’s name, her/she will become a permanent member of my family, and thus a co-heir to my estate along with my other children.


Your signature

CC: Adoption Worker, Family Court Judge, Foster Care Worker

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