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Update on Chinese Adoptee with Acute Leukemia

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By LisaS - Posted on 18 November 2010

Here is the latest news on Katie Cramer, an adoptee from China who was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.

A 100% match was not found so Katie was given a cord blood cell implant instead. Now is the wait to see if the stem cells engraft which usually happens within 35 days. When this happens, Katie will begin to feel better and will not be at such risk for infection.

Katie has had a bout of pancreatitis (nausea and pain) probably brought on by all the medication she has received. On November 16th she was taken off oxygen (after two weeks) and will be able to have a little liquid food after basically eating nothing for two weeks.

Katie has a pain medication pump to help her through the worst times, but no doubt this is a long painful process for this young girl. Her mother is with her at all times, and apparently Katie sleeps most of the time.

Finding a blood donor for adoptees from foreign countries can be extremely difficult, and in Katie’s case they never did find a 100% match even though they went to her village in China to find a donor. Fingers crossed for Katie. You can follow Katie’s progress on her blog  here.

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Lifting Katie in prayer now, thanks for keeping us updated and reminding us to lift this young girl in prayer.