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Adoption Messages That Grate

No wonder the world is conflicted over adoption. When media messages like this appear, not only locally, but globally thanks to the World Wide Webster, even die-hard supporters of the option of adoption have to scratch their heads while assuming the cringe pose.

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My Happy Kid

Magnar left about 9:30 last night, and Calina and I managed to pack up the computers at 10ish ... very early for us these days ... and in my usual check of the kids -- Magnar had put them both to bed and they were fine at the time -- found puke all over Sam's bed, Cj's pajama top on the floor, also vomit-covered, and her asleep on her bed.

Seems she'd tossed her cookies, then stoically tidied and moved.

What is it with this kid?

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World AIDS Day

Red ribbons abounded in BlogLand yesterday, and well they should. It was World AIDS Day, which simply begs attention ... and deserves every word written, every thought thunk, and every effort made on behalf of the millions of people who live with, and have died from, this miserable, rotten disease.

I'm from California, as longtime readers know, and one thing we Californians have experienced is the devastation AIDS has brought to families, friends, communities ... the love lost, the hearts broken, the bonds torn. I don't know anyone from home who hasn't been personally touched by this disease. Not one.

I lost a cousin and dozens of dear, dear friends over the years, and to this day not only miss all, I still have with me ... although halfway around the world ... my darling Robbie, who has been living with AIDS for 26 years.

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Tough times for more of the world's children ... again, or, rather, still


Getting back into writing on issues of the world's children, I'm struck this morning by a story the BBC is running today on the present state of affairs in the euphemistically named Democratic Republic of Congo.

Anyone who has been paying any attention at all is aware that, like the ongoing situation in Sudan, the DRC is a mess in large areas of the country and has been for years.

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Time to Thank Readers

I had so many comments ... both on the blog [private blog - Paradise Preoccupied] and privately ... on yesterday's post that I reckon some addressing is due.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has voiced the opinion that my voice is still valid in the adoption world. That is tremendously encouraging. The fact that even Coco lent encouragement is huge for me... thank you, Coco ... and I'll tell you why.

The online adoption community is notoriously fractious, and in my years of writing on the subject I have made no few enemies ... some who have taken their level of vitriol so far beyond the realm of polite reason that mud blobs with my name on them stuck to the net will outlive me.

So much of this has felt counterproductive from the early days of my writing on the subject, and I refuse to pussyfoot my POV, as healthy debate has always seemed a good way to forge links that might eventually provide foundations for bridge building.