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Angelina Jolie Talks of Adopting Another Child

During an interview this morning on NBC’s Today show, Angelina Jolie stated that both she and husband Brad Pitt, are thinking about adopting another child, which would boost their child count up to 7.

She spoke of how well adjusted her children were, and how they are all to the point where they are not shocked when a new child comes home. She admits that she cannot start the adoption process until her twins are at least six months old, she hinted around that she would like to add another child to the family sooner rather than later.

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Tom Cruise on Adoption: "My adopted children are my own children”

As with most adoptive parents who happen to be in the spotlight, and happen to have biological children as well as having adopted a child, or children into their family, Tom Cruise has come under fire in recent months, with those loving to cause trouble and stir the pot claiming that he treats his two adopted children with actress Nicole Kidman, differently than his biological daughter with wife, Katie Holmes.

This seems to be an insult that everyone having both adopted and biological children must face at one point or another in their lives, celebrity or not, celebrities simply get the misfortune of having it plastered on newspapers, web pages, and the minds and lips of the world, instead of just at the water cooler, or the mom’s group by the jungle gym.

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Angelina Jolie to Adopt a Chinese Baby?

It seems as though Angelina Jolie just can’t manage to stay out of the news headlines. After giving birth to twins just last month, there are rumors afoot that Angelina Jolie, and her partner Brad Pitt are considering adopting a baby from China after seeing footage of the aftermath of China’s latest Earthquake.

Now I am all for giving children a loving home, however, if these rumors turn out to be true, I simply can’t imagine an adoption agency allowing for the family to grow yet again so soon after just adding twins to the family. It has not been all that long since her son Pax had to adjust from living in Vietnam to being a celebrity’s son, and then little Zahara was added to the family as well soon after. Not long after that the couple gave birth to their daughter Shiloh. Now with the arrival of the twins, one would expect mom and dad to allow the children a bit of an adjustment period before going out and finding another sibling or two to add to the family.

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Firewall Against Homosexuals

The recent give and take on the various blogs about gay adoption... Jesus Said, “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin.” and Discrimination is not Just a Word reminded me of a fairly recent Brad Pitt interview from 2007.

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Chris Eubank Secretly Gives up Teenage Sons for Adoption

Once upon a time he was a world famous, middle weight, boxing champion. Now he is a bankrupt ex boxer who travels the world, staying with wealthy friends, and occasionally keeping in contact with his two teenage sons, and the woman that he left them with.

After a brief encounter in the wee hours of the morning in a hotel lobby in Paris, Chris Eubanks swapped phone numbers with Irene Hutton, and the two began speaking regularly on the phone. They became such good friends in fact, that Eubanks arranged for his boys to fly out to Las Vegas for a summer holiday with Irene.