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Guest Blog: Book Review - Adopting the Older Child

Adopting the Older Child by Claudia L Jewett

John is a retired commercial airline pilot. He has adopted five boys, over a span of three decades, from domestic foster care as a single parent. The boys were all over the age of 11 when they came home and from several different states. Yet their issues, patterns, and reactions to a forever family have so many similarities.

Julia Fuller’s Two Cents: When a successful adoptive parent of teen and pre-teen boys makes this kind of a book recommendation, I take it seriously and so should you if you are considering older child adoption. In fact, I already followed the book link and ordered a copy for myself. You are able to read the first several pages of the book on the Amazon website, which I did. As an experienced parent of eight adopted children, six through foster care, I found those initial pages highly accurate. I promise to blog about the entire book after I read it.

John's review: Let me pitch one book, published in 1978, that is excellent. "Adopting the Older Child'", by Claudia Jewett. She is an MSW with extensive experience as a social worker. She and her husband adopted 16 older kids.

She covers four fictious placements from the standpoint of the adoptive parents, the worker placing the child, the child comming home, and the kids already in the family. She de-mystifies the process, the honeymoon and the adjustment period.