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Another Adoption Agency Bites the Dust

Unlike some adoption agencies that have had their licenses stripped because of corruption, fraud or unethical practices, “Adoption Blessings Worldwide” (ABW) has relinquished their license to facilitate adoptions. Adoptions that are still in process will be handled by another agency that has yet to be identified by the owner of ABW, Tedi Hedstrom.

For months complaints from Florida and Georgia have reached authorities. One couple, the Ernfridssons, have already paid $40,000 to ABW, but have yet to complete an adoption. Their baby room remains empty and they have spent all of their life savings.

Yes, Adoption Blessings Worldwide did facilitate successful adoptions, but this did not necessarily make it a reliable or ethical agency. Even the worst of agencies can pull off adoptions, but ultimately the number of people who have serious problems increases and eventually, although sometimes not quickly enough, the truth is revealed and the agency closed down.

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Florida DCS - Adoption Blessings Worldwide Closed?

Tedi Hedstrom's name may be familiar to anyone who has been around international adoption for a while. She used to run Tedi Bear Adoptions Inc. from 1997 to 2003. There were a bunch of complaints and complaints. The agency filed for bankruptcy. Florida DCS investigated and decided to revoke Tedi Bear agency licensing. But then Tedi agreed to voluntarily give up the agency license. And she agreed not to file for another license for 5 years.

So Tedi went down the road to Georgia and got her new adoption agency licensed. It is called Adoption Blessings Worldwide. And she operates it out of her Florida home. Her web site currently claims: