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Guest Blog: Don't Get Scammed in Adoption Like I Did


Today we have an important and emotional Guest Blog from Teresa Legler, who shares her struggles with dishonest people and adoption scams while in pursuit of her dream to become a mother, in the hopes that others will learn from her experiences, and not have to endure the same pain and suffering as she has had to face.

Hello.  I live in Canada.  For the past 20 years all I have ever wanted is to be a mother, which is not physically possible for me so in the past few years I have been trying to adopt with unfortunate results.  One baby was stillborn the second at the last minute the birth mother changed her mind without letting me know.

By the end of last year I was heartbroken and becoming more desperate to become a mother since I just turned 45.

On December 6th I was browsing on the Internet and say an add in the local Buy and Sell announcement section stating "Mother looking for family to adopt child".  I was very skeptical but by this time it was like the message was just waiting for me so I answered the add.
A woman by the name of "Clara Banks" started e-mailing back and forth with her desperately sad story and pictures of her beautiful little boy and I fell in love.  Her story was heartbreaking saying she was living in Cameroon as a mercenary with a church because her family had disowned her and her son "Phillip".

After a few days she told me she had decided I was the person she wanted to raise her son.  It was the happiest time of my life.  She gave me the name of a lawyer she said her Pastor had given her stating he would help with the adoption.